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In search of the lost lunch ..

The childhood memory, lost and never forgotten, whose scents remain indelible in the memory
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The lunch

The joys of the palate that become `` us ''

Feeling at home in the dining room means feeling at ease by opening your heart first of all to the new discovery: the certainty that the family hearth has been lit for you. Rediscovering the table as a union of people, flavors and memories.

The kitchen

The table to be amazed, again

The pleasantness of taste, the grace in the manners, the simplicity of a beloved and respected countryside that immediately reaches the heart against the cuisine of artificial, manipulated flavors, the unstoppable desire to amaze, the distortion of the place thinking of greater usability.
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The Place

A timeless place

Since 1712 the farmhouse of Cantine Santa Benedetta has stood among the vineyards that surround the territory.
The ancient stones remind us how two lives have always been united: the olive tree as a sign of eternal peace, and grapes as a sign of joy and a wish for renewed prosperity.
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Request a reservation

To request a reservation it is necessary to send
an email to indicating:
- Date and number of guests
- Arrival time
- Any allergies or intolerances

We are open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
the dining room.png

at the Cantine Santa Benedetta

Via Frascati Colonna 35,

Monte Porzio Catone (RM), 00078

+39 069417511

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